Pronunciation : [klot]

Verb definitions: verb (used without object),
Clotted, clotting.
To form into clots; coagulate.

Noun definitions :
1 .a mass or lump.
2 .a semisolid mass, as of coagulated blood.
3 a small compact group of individuals:
4. British Informal. blockhead, dolt, clod.

verb (used with object), clotted, clotting.
to cause to clot.
to cover with clots:
to cause to become blocked or obscured:
to clot the book's narrative with too many characters.
Sample sentences

· Access was via a single ramp, where a human clot formed.
· Some organisms, for example, use only six proteins to clot blood-irreducibility reduced.
· Though the region with the aneurysm is initially wider than normal, blood swirling in aneurysm can clot.
Variations of the word:
Declot, verb, declotted, declotting. clottish, adjective
: unclotted, adjective
Part of speech verb Synonyms: noun adjective
nonclotting, adjective

array, assemblage, band, bank, batch, battery, block, bunch, group, clump, cluster, clutch, collection, constellation,
Antonyms Brain genius